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Motives Behind Individuals Smoking Cannabis.

It is noted that the drug that is mostly used by individuals on the street is marijuana. A questions that are asked by the individuals is the reason that leads to one smoking marijuana. If an individual sees the other person smoking marijuana, he should know that there are many reasons that will lead to that.

Psychological reasons is one thing that will lead to an individual smoking marijuana. An individual will search online or even go from one shop to another looking for the marijuana. When we talk of the psychological reason; we can use dopamine as an example. This is a situation that will make an individual have an enjoyment feeling in a way that he can perform certain tasks. So that the person can be involved, the task should be rewarding.

Smoking of marijuana by the individuals can be as a result of peer pressure. Peer pressure may be the company that a person is walking with or rather the friends. In a group of friend, you will note that the rest are smoking marijuana apart from you. Individuals will start smoking so that they cannot be the only odd one out. The habit will be noticed by individuals who like doing what their friends are doing.

Pain is relieved as a result of smoking marijuana. When experiencing pain during their periods, women are able to relieve pain when smoking marijuana. Relieving of pain will be done by marijuana thus individuals should go for it. Individuals will smoke marijuana as some religious allows it. These religious says that one need to smoke marijuana to be spiritual.

There are those young individuals who will smoke marijuana just for a trial and check if it is risky. The behavior will be mostly found in the younger people at the adolescent age. They will try it so that they can show that they have reached the age. In almost every group, you will note that a certain individual is a mirror of by the other. Sometimes to become a model is a result of him having smoked marijuana in that group. A person in the same group may decide to follow such steps so that he can be like that hero.

We should not forget that there are people who smoke marijuana due to inheritance. A person in a family may die, and he was used to the smoking of marijuana. With this, a kind of the same family may be left smoking marijuana. It is essential that every person get to know these reasons so that they cannot question a person if they find him smoking.

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