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What Does Call Tracking System Do for Your Business?

Call tracking is basically a process that is used to assess the effect of marketing efforts on both leads and sales that were generated. As a matter of fact, evidence based marketers’ goals have a big contribution on this for getting the spotlight. If all sales as well as leads came from online conversions, then it will be simpler to find out which ads delivered the best ROI without using any call tracking or whatsoever.

On the other hand, when talking about financial services, automotive, healthcare, travel and other ecommerce industries, a big portion of calls helped them generate sales.

Call tracking systems make it possible for a company to cheaply and instantly create toll-free or local telephone numbers with just a click of a button. As to companies that are used to purchasing numbers from the traditional carriers, the process is just a normal thing. Numbers may be assigned labels, nicknames and tags so by that, they can be tracked and searched easily. Then after, marketers associate a unique number with a certain marketing engagement like radio or TV ads, social media ads, conference print collateral or search keywords. Whenever a customer calls them, the unique number will report instantly the ad source based on the phone number associated.

In basic form, call tracking software can integrate a campaign with just a single business phone number. This makes it possible for a business to constantly monitor phone metrics like location of calls, duration of calls and number of calls automatically. Basic phone call tracking can be very effective if a business likes to gauge the amount of sales calls lasts for 40 seconds or less.

It isn’t strange for both small and medium sized businesses to operate several ad campaigns at once. A brand might have six separate groups of ads based on the product. Campaign based call tracking system offers various phone numbers. In each of this phone number, it is designated to a particular product, paid search ad group, specific keyword or individual ads. With this being said, both the marketing and sales can have separate calls depending on which ad it has originated.

Imagine that you’re operating a big company focusing in travel and tours. You’re offering flights as well as accommodations to literally hundreds or thousands of locations globally. Just picture how many keyword combinations that might lead to the potential clients going back to your site. To gain true insight to which keywords derive phone sales, you need access to a big collection of phone numbers. It isn’t new for the enterprise level businesses to reserve thousands of unique numbers to their call tracking.

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